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LT Beauty’s mission statement: 

To bring out one’s unique inner beauty through healthy, glowing skin, allowing their youthful radiance to shine. 

Our clients move through the world with greater confidence and self-love because they look and feel their best. 

At LT Beauty, our mission is to reveal each client’s unique inner radiance. We achieve this by providing personalized skincare services that nurture healthy, vibrant skin. When our clients look and feel their best, they move through the world with greater confidence and self-love. Our expertise in caring for the skin empowers each person to shine their individual brilliance from within.

At LT Beauty, we believe that true beauty comes from within. Our mission is to nurture the unique glow in every client and bring out their inner brilliance and confidence. We achieve this by caring for healthy, radiant skin that allows each person's youthful essence to shine through.


LT Beauty was born out of Dr. Lina’s desire to find an effective dry eye treatment. She turned to the innovations in esthetics, where TempSure radio-frequency has been used for over 4 decades to reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles by stimulating collagen and elastin production, with the added benefit of unclogging and revitalizing the Meibomian glands. The Meibomian glands (link further explaining dry eyes/tear film) reside on the upper and lower eyelids and are crucial to a healthy and stable tear film, so by revitalizing the oil glands we create a healthy tear film that doesn’t evaporate quickly. Patients were thrilled with the dry eye relief they experienced, but in many ways were even more enthusiastic about the reduction in their eye wrinkles which gave them a more youthful appearance. Soon patients were requesting to have their full face treated with TempSure to treat their laugh lines and forehead wrinkles. We quickly realized that we needed to create a separate space dedicated to dry eye and esthetic treatments. Luckily, Dr. Lina has two younger sisters who are passionate about skin care and were in a unique position to perform the esthetic treatments. Terry is a physician assistant and Beverly is a registered nurse, so combined with Dr. Lina’s expertise in treating dry eyes, we realized we have a powerful trio. Our unique trio positioned us to effectively address our patients’ main concerns of dry eyes, wrinkles and hyperpigmentation with TempSure radio-frequency (link) and PicoSure laser (link), thus LT BEAUTY was born. 

LT Beauty originated from Dr. Lina's search to find an effective treatment for dry eye disease. She discovered that TempSure radio-frequency technology, used for decades to reduce facial wrinkles, had the added benefit of unclogging and restoring oil glands around the eyes—called Meibomian glands—which produce the outer layer of tears. By revitalizing these glands, a healthy tear film layer could be achieved, providing welcomed dry eye relief.

As exciting as this dry eye breakthrough was, perhaps equally thrilling for Dr. Lina's patients was the reduction in wrinkles around their eyes and more youthful appearance this treatment provided. Soon they requested full facial rejuvenation.

Realizing these treatments required dedicated space and expertise in both dry eye disease and skin revitalization, Dr. Lina assembled a powerhouse trio—joining forces with her sisters, trained in aesthetics, Terry, a physician assistant, and Beverly, a registered nurse. Combined with Dr. Lina’s specialization in dry eye treatment, their unified knowledge put them in the perfect position to effectively treat patients’ common concerns of dry eyes, wrinkles and uneven skin tone using TempSure radio-frequency and PicoSure laser technology. Thus, LT Beauty was born – the collective dream of three sisters seeking to help patients revitalize their eyes and skin.

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